Casey Moore is a UK-based photographer, New Zealand born and English raised. He spent much of his youth inside a darkroom and after a Masters degree in Psychology, he is self taught.

A sense of wonder for the natural world is the beginning for Moore’s work and he references the writing of surrealist Roger Caillois as an influence: ‘Without humanity, there remains aesthetic. It is nature itself that dictates human aesthetics and imagination.’  It is the search for this 'universal aesthetic' that drives the work.

Using traditional, analogue methods Moore’s large works are made by hand in his darkroom in East Sussex, England. Handmade prints on this scale take days to produce and a strong physical connection to the materials and chemistry runs through his practice. This is reflected in the bodily experiences of viewing the work.

Moore is with FHE Galleries in Auckland and Roberta Moore Contemporary in London. He has shown his work in the UK, NZ and Germany. His work is housed in private collections in the UK, NZ, Australia, US and Europe.



May-2016 Auckland Art Fair - FHE Group Show

Apr-2016 Group Show - I Come From Under The Earth - FHE

Feb-2016 Group Show - Aether - Jarvis Dooney Gallery Berlin

Nov-2015 Group Show - Vivian Gallery Auckland - You've Got Mail

Sept-2015 Group Showcase - NZ-UK Link Foundation London - at the Gherkin London

May-2015 Group Show - FHE - Art Up

Mar-2015 Solo Show Downstairs At Mother London - Collision

May-2014 Solo Show FHE - Camera Ephemera

Mar-2014 Group Show FHE - Kaba Ko

Jan-2014 Group Show FHE - Seven Wishes

Oct-2013 Group Show FHE - Path Upon The Air

Aug-2013 Auckland Art Fair

Feb-2013 Solo Show FHE - Anostostimatidae and Friends



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